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‘Everything Roger Federer does is…’, says top coach

In an interview with USA Today, Roger Federer commented on the highlights of his career. The Swiss player had plenty of time to reflect on that after winning his 100th title in Dubai and pointed to many moments. “In a way, I think getting the first title was big, and that happened in Milan in 2001,” Federer said.

“I was extremely relieved that I could do it, looking at it again. Breaking the top 10 in Hamburg (2002) when I beat (Marat) Safin in the final was a big win for me. Then in 2005 when I won in five sets in Miami against Rafa (Nadal) it was important for me having lost two sets and one want but I found a way to win it.

That really showed me that I had great character on the court and I learned a lot about myself in that match. It was a great victory for me as I was still very young. My first Slam (Wimbledon 2003), pressure situations where I tried to get my fifth Wimbledon and of course the French Open in 2009 has to stand out as a very special victory.

Winning my first Swiss title in Gstaad in 2004 and Basel in 2006 was important for me. So I had a lot of fun on tour, to say the least.” On Jimmy Connors’ 109 career titles, Federer added: “We live in a time where today all records have to be smashed.

Not for me. I’m happy, I’m still healthy, happy to have a wonderful team, family, everyone loves me.” They’ve been supportive for so long, so I can’t thank them enough. Every time I get to milestones like this along the way it’s wonderful, but I’m not really here to break all the records and I think what Jimmy did was an amazing achievement and he should be proud of it.”

Mouratoglou reflects on Federer

In a recent interview, Patrick Mouratoglou stated that he considers Roger Federer a “genius”, and that the Swiss is the most unique player he has ever seen. “Roger is a genius.

He plays perfect tennis. I do not remember I ever saw a player playing tennis that way. And I think I will not do it until I die. Everything he does is perfect,” Mouratoglou was quoted as saying. In terms of trophies won, there is very little to split Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

But when it comes to technique, elegance, precision, intelligence and footwork, most agree that the Swiss great is a notch above.

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