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Is CS:GO betting still fun?

Published on: Aug 07, 2022

The player base of the online video game Counter Strike:Global Offensive is shrinking. This is no surprise for a game that was released back in 2012. People are more opting for a fast-paced game rather than a slower and strategic game. For example, games like Apex legends or Fortnite are way more fast-paced and more animated than the sober and strategic CS:GO or LoL. Nobody knows why this is so, but maybe it’s because society likes to shift in and out of trends.

More than half of CS:GO players have gambled or bet on a team for CS:GO. So is it still fun? The short answer is: “absolutely yes!” It’s also important to know the difference between CS:GO betting and CS:GO gambling. CS:GO betting is the practice of betting on the E-sport CS:GO teams through csgo betting sites like you would bet on sports teams. Gambling on the other hand would mean skin and other cosmetics gambling.

What makes it still holding up and being fun?

Well, the fact that the player feels connected in a way is something people love. Feeling that relevance and that connection to the player or team is what makes it so fun still. The fact that you could see yourself being in the same position or situation as a player you are watching, makes that connection stronger – you’ll be like “I would have probably done this or that.”

How does it exactly work?

Very simple, if you ever bet on soccer or on a sport before, it works exactly the same way.

If you never bet before, it’s pretty much simple: you bet money, guess what team will win the match or tournament, and if you guessed correctly you win money. If your guess is wrong, you lose the initial money you put in.

How are the odds of winning when betting in the e-sports world?

Well, actually your odds of winning are way higher than other sports like soccer where they often work in tournaments rather than individual matches. So the csgo odds are way better, also because they play very consistently and have matches all year round unlike sports where a sports team can be on a losing streak, quit the scene for a year, train and then come back and blow the competition out of the water.

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