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COMMENT: The Laver Cup is a true tennis spectacle, but longevity remains a concern – TennisBuzz

It occupies a plum spot in the ATP Calendar despite technically being an exhibition. So what is the Laver Cup? How did it become so special and what does the future hold?

When tennis legends Bjorn Borg, Rafael Nadal, Rod Laver, John McEnroe and Roger Federer gathered together in New York in August 2016 to announce the launch of a unique team tennis tournament primarily owned by Roger Federer’s management company, TEAM8, there was wild excitement.

If you didn’t know, Federer owns a stake in TEAM8, which is run by his long-time agent, Tony Godsick.

When you then consider that other investors included Tennis Australia and Jorge Paulo Lemann – a former Davis Cup player and Brazil’s richest man – you can see that the tournament had a privileged start in life.

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