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‘Here I am, with nothing’ – Juan Martin del Potro lifts lid on retirement heartbreak – TennisBuzz

Juan Martin del Potro is experiencing a great inner conflict: on the one hand, the strenuous desire to return to compete as a professional player, on the other hand a reality in which the knee always hurts so much.

That was why, in Buenos Aires in February, Del Potro appeared to surrender to the inevitable and bid farewell to tennis.

Because the truth, as explained in a recent interview with La Nacion, is that he cannot even climb the stairs without pain.

“The last time I picked up the racket was in Buenos Aires – declared the 2009 US Open champion. “Later I did a couple of tests, but no: the truth is that the decision to play in Buenos Aires cost me a lot. And once I did that, and everyone saw the state of things, you know, that was a relief, a turning point in my life.”

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