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‘It has been a year full of…’

Rafael Nadal congratulated the Spanish basketball team for having been proclaimed champions of Europe after their victory against France in the final. To praise Spain, Nadal published on social networks a photo with the team accompanied by a graphic text that read “Champions of Europe”

Nadal accompanied the photo with several emojis of “applause” Spain won 88 to 76. In 2015, Rafael Nadal spent a Sunday as just another fan. The Spaniard, who flew to Lille to see another success for Spain, rejoiced at the end of the match for Spain’s victory.

“I have seen almost all the games, especially the ones against Spain. For me it is a privilege to be here to support the team. I have a great relationship with Pau Gasol, Rudy Fernández and Sergi (Sergio Rodríguez).

They are a group of people who have been making history for 10 years and who represent a memorable generation for our country. I have spoken with Pau. He is very happy, he has played one of the most beautiful tournaments of his life.

The match he played against France was unreal,” Rafa shared. In 2021, Spanish tennis superstar Rafael Nadal said that Pau Gasol’s retirement from basketball is a “very sad day” for Spanish sport. Gasol, 41, decided to end his successful career.

Throughout his career, Gasol won two NBA titles, was selected for the All-Star game six times and in 2002 he was named Rookie of the Year. “Today is, without a doubt, a very sad day for Spanish sport, one of the great legends of our sport is leaving.

He has been able to finish as he wanted, yes: fighting for titles,” Nadal said.

Rafa won two Grand Slams in 2022

A true monument in his country, Rafael Nadal has once again been honored by the Spanish state and this time by the King of Spain Felipe VI himself.

The latter presented Rafa with the Camino Real award in recognition of his efforts, while declaring that he was a great ambassador for the country. Touched by this honor, Nadal took the opportunity to send a fairly clear message about the rest of his professional career.

“The year has been complicated. Beyond injuries, also because of family and personal news, which in this case is very good news. That’s why receiving recognition like this today makes me even happier. I hope this award doesn’t make my career feel like it’s over.

Far from it, or at least that’s not the intention. The intention is to continue to carry the name of Spain around the world while I am still active and in competition.”

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