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‘We are shocked… the file is completely empty’ – lawyer after Tunisia police detain ex-PM Laarayedh

  • Former Tunisia prime minister Ali Laarayedh was detained.
  • He is accused of sending jihadists to Syria.
  • Opposition leader Rached Ghannouchi’s hearing was postponed to 12:00 on Tuesday.

Tunisia’s anti-terrorism police detained for one day Ali Laarayedh, a former prime minister and senior official in the Islamist opposition Ennahda party, after an investigation into suspicions of sending jihadists to Syria, lawyers said on Tuesday.

In the same case, the police postponed the hearing of Tunisia’s Islamist opposition leader and speaker of the dissolved parliament Rached Ghannouchi to 12:00 on Tuesday, after waiting for about 14 hours.

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It is expected that Laarayedh will appear before a judge on Wednesday, lawyer Mokthar Jmayi told Reuters.

Samir Dilou, another lawyer said:

We are shocked… the file is completely empty and without any evidence.

Ennahda denies accusations of terrorism, calling it a political attack on a foe of President Kais Saied.

Ghannouchi, 81, has accused Saied of an anti-democratic coup since he seized most powers last summer, shutting down the parliament and moving to rule by decree, powers he has largely formalised with a new constitution ratified in a July referendum.

Ali Laarayedh has been detained.

Ali Laarayedh has been detained.

In August, several former security officials and two Ennahda members were arrested on charges connected to Tunisians travelling for jihad.

Security and official sources estimated that around 6 000 Tunisians travelled to Syria and Iraq last decade to join jihadist groups including Islamic State. 

Many were killed there while others escaped and returned to Tunisia.

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