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Rwanda: SC Kiyovu President Backtracks On Resignation Decision

Kiyovu Sports have announced that Juvenal Mvukiyehe will continue leading the club just 24 hours after announcing his resignation.

In a letter addressed to club members, signed by Board Director Jean Pierre Kayumba, he acknowledged that after fruitful discussions with club president Mvukiyehe, an agreement was reached for him to carry on his responsibilities.

“Mvukiyehe withdrew his resignation and agreed to continue leading the club,” a club statement said Friday.

It further reads: “After analysing the challenges he said that would not allow him to fulfill the responsibilities and goals of the club, we decided to work closely as a board and club members to navigate them together.”

Times Sport understands that Mvukiyehe’s resignation was triggered by complaints from some powerful club members about his ‘poor handling’ of club sponsors, including new partners City of Kigali, which led to the delay in receiving the agreed financial package.

Mvukiyehe, who announced his resignation on Thursday, was elected as Kiyovu president on September 27, 2020.

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