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Bitcoin Update: BTC is dead, long live BCH?


Bitcoin Update: BTC is dead, long live BCH?

After a very difficult month, Bitcoin (BTC) begins October, the “scary” month, perhaps with a few more green lights than the previous 30 days. After volatile times in the US, Europe, and other countries, the biggest cryptocurrency nonetheless managed to end the week with a little over $19K in gains.

With plummeting currencies, potentially bankrupt banks, and an ongoing war in Ukraine that could get worse as Putin tries to start recouping his accumulating losses, Europe is of special worry. Winter is on its way! Since bitcoin is still trading below its previous halving cycle high in dollars, it is beginning to resemble the 2018 bear market, and we are already approaching November 2020 lows.

Due to their liquidity issues, European banks Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank may disrupt markets, including risky assets like cryptocurrencies. While many, including this author, prefer to think of BTC in terms of dollars, Bitcoin is becoming increasingly affordable in terms of the euro, pound, and other major currencies. Such a BTC markdown might have some interesting price-related repercussions in the upcoming months.

Technical Analysis

From a technical analysis perspective, there are still some optimistic indicators that seem to indicate a significant price increase could occur if we soon receive some favorable macroeconomic news. Given the larger trading volume, a bullish move usually precedes the Bollinger Bands. In terms of market cap, BTC has already surpassed 38% of all cryptocurrencies, which is encouraging.

The cryptocurrency fear and greed index, which is noted below, is currently at 24, up three points from last week, and is continuing its record-breaking run of readings in the “severe fear” zone. People use BCH on a daily basis as an experiment, but after using it for bill payment, dealing, marketing, and business, I haven’t come across anyone who has complained about it.

Globally, Green World is holding and retaining BCH at an exponential rate. I made it a habit to look at the green circle on the wallet’s Bitcoincash map. To find a merchant accepting Bitcoin Cash, you must search for your location on this map. Additionally, filters can improve accuracy.

BCH Community expands positively every day throughout all continents. If you were still unable to join BCH, you must sign up for the following sites in order to begin learning while making money there.

  • app
  • cash
  • cash

All of these platforms educate individuals about cryptocurrencies and provide financial support for its customers. Join them and take advantage of the first tip from the kind BCH community.

What Keeps BCH Alive?

BCH not only helps Humanity, but it also helps and uses money more wisely. For Satoshi’s Whitepaper, there is no censorship, no manipulation, and no ignorance. All of the ideas and applications that Satoshi had for Bitcoin are included in BCH. In addition, BCH is a crucial coin for marketing because of the following characteristics.

  • Most rapid transaction
  • small transaction costs
  • High Throughput 24 Transactions Per Second
  • endless transactions
  • High Marketing Potential

Any currency that provides the aforementioned qualities to its users is active. Otherwise, the advancements made by Twitter and YouTube are merely suppression. BCH is undoubtedly a living currency that everyone can use.

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