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‘Faced Opposition From Family When I Wanted to Study Journalism’: Nithya Menen

When asked about unsolicited advice that women often get Nithya responded, “I remember when I wanted to study journalism I couldn’t believe the kind of opposition I was met with. My family came and tried to counsel me as if I was doing something wrong. It takes a lot of energy to fight against it. With most people of the previous generation, they are so afraid of change”.

Speaking about representation on the set and statistics like O Womaniya! Parvathy said, “Speaking in the context of Wonder Women, there were questions like, ‘what’s a women-heavy set like for the men?’ I feel the energies for a certain gender being heavy on set doesn’t matter when everyone comes with an honest intention to work. The only way we can bring about a change is by acting upon it in our present and future projects”.

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Editor: Arnab Chakravorty

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