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Rwanda: Youth Urged to Partake in Environment Conservation Efforts

The Minister for Environment, Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, has urged Rwandan youth to play a role in the country’s efforts of conserving the environment by planting trees.

She was speaking at Ecole Belge on Tuesday, November 22 in an event organised to boost tree planting – especially fruit trees- in schools as a means of not only fighting malnutrition but also conserving the environment.

Addressing the students, Mujawamariya highlighted that the globe is currently faced with a common threat of climate change, and it affects everyone regardless of their age.

“You can see it all over the world in the media, or social networks, and sometimes you experience it. Even in our country, disasters including floods, drought, bush fires, land-slides and so on, take place. It’s all because of climate change,” she said.

She noted that this is why there is a need to work together for the protection of the environment, starting with tree planting but also doing more.

“Trees play a very important role in protecting the environment, because they absorb carbon dioxide and provide oxygen that each of us needs to breathe,” she said.

Working with partners, the Ministry of Environment will provide fruit trees as well as vegetable seeds to various schools in the country.

Such efforts are under a program dubbed “Tera igiti urengere ejo hazaza” (translated as Plant a tree, Save the future). It aims at planting 36 million trees this rainy season from September to December.