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Kenya: South African Cleaning Tech Startup SweepSouth Leaves Kenya, Nigeria

Nairobi — SweepSouth, a South African tech startup known for its online home services platform that provides on-demand home-cleaning services, is stopping its operations in Kenya and Nigeria months after expanding to both markets.

The platform said it will shut down the two-units on November 25th 2022, a decision it said was due to tough economic environments.

The startup, however, said its operation in Egypt, where it FilKhedma, an online marketplace for home maintenance and improvement services like carpentry, plumbing, electricity, and air conditioning, among others, will continue.

Earlier in the year, the business secured Sh1.3 billion ($11 million) in capital to expand across the continent.

“It would appear that the company has now opted to pull back on its newer conquests, collapsing operations in East Africa and West Africa while doubling down on its cornerstone market, South Africa,” According to Henry.

“SweepSouth is deepening its presence in the Egyptian market where it made a notable entry last December in what one of the co-founders Ribić has previously described as a multi-million-dollar deal. But, did mention that its focus will now be on South Africa and Egypt,” he wrote.

Aisha Pandor and Alen Ribic, a couple, founded SweepSouth in 2014 to enable busy individuals to maintain a clean environment by taking up the responsibility.

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