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Tanzania: VP Wants More Benefits From Beach Resources

Vice President, Dr Philip Mpango, has asked leaders, experts and investors to jointly discuss best ways of protecting, managing and investing in rare beach resources to increase its contribution to socio-economic development in the country.

The VP took the stance during the opening of the 8th Forum for Sustainable Development in Mwanza, on Wednesday.

He said creativity is needed in using more than 1400 kilometers of coastline with clean beaches, 3 marine reserves, 15 marines protected areas, large lakes and rivers which increase the number of beaches that have not yet been fully utilised for national development.

“The sixth phase government has focused on developing the Blue Economy as well as the conservation and environmental management in the country” he added.

He further explained that the government’s mission is to accelerate the country’s sustainable development based on the National Development Vision 2025 goals, which aim at achieving an inclusive economy and middle income country for better life of every Tanzanian.

“The Five-Year National Development Plan III along with other sectoral strategies and the CCM Election Manifesto are all focused on empowering the private sector to become a catalyst for national economic development and bringing development to Tanzanians,” he noted

Moreover, he instructed Regional offices in collaboration with the Vice President’s office – Union and Environment, as well as other stakeholders to organize and speed up the process of preparing a strategic plan- that will specify how to make investments to develop the existing beaches in the country as well as city’s recreational areas.