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Neville: Something not right about Man Utd equaliser against Man City

Gary Neville felt there was “something not right” about Manchester United’s equalising goal in Saturday’s 2-1 win against Manchester City at Old Trafford.

Bruno Fernandes cancelled out Jack Grealish’s opener in controversial fashion, with Marcus Rashford in an offside position and closely following Casemiro’s pass, though he did not touch it.

An offside flag was initially raised before being overruled, with Rashford judged to have not interfered with play – a decision that has proven contentious with pundits and on social media.

To rub salt into City’s wounds, Rashford would score the winning goal just four minutes later to leave United third and only a point below their second-place rivals.

While it was United who benefitted from the decision, club legend Neville has conceded he would not have been happy if such a decision was given against his team.

“I would be absolutely devastated if I was a defender in a team or it was my team that conceded a goal like that,” he told Sky Sports.

“The offside rule has evolved so much over the last 20 years, when I started playing anyone who stood offside was offside, irrespective of whether you are interfering or not.

“Now it has got to a point where they maybe have to bring it back. I have to say, at the time, I was appealing for a goal as I knew Bruno wasn’t offside, I knew Marcus was, so I thought he wasn’t interfering, so it must be a goal.

“When you look at it again, you think about it, there’s something not right about that goal. Manchester United benefitted, maybe the Premier League benefits, I don’t know.”

United were six points behind leaders Arsenal prior to their north London derby with Tottenham on Sunday, and square off against the Gunners at Emirates Stadium next weekend following a midweek clash with Crystal Palace.

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