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Ghana: Improvement On Mining Laws Will Attract More Investment

A mining and Mineral Economics Consultant, Henry Antwi, has proposed that the country improves its mining laws and mineral base to attract more investments.

He said it was crucial for Ghana to have robust policies to regulate the sector and upgrade the skills of its human resource to meet up with changing trends worldwide.

Mr Antwi was speaking in Accra last Tuesday during the two-day West African Mining, Oil and Gas Conference (WAIC) held on the theme “Building a Resilient and Sustainable Natural Resources Industry beyond Global Pandemic.”

He stressed that the country’s geological potential needed to be well marketed to raise its flag high and make it competitive on the global market.

Mr Antwi also said communal issues must also be resolved through engagements by making members understand the dynamics of the industry, where it’s heading, the challenges, and its benefits so they could own the processes.

“Let’s ensure that the communities also enjoy because you are mining on their land. It’s not just about jobs creation so that these demonstrations and other things that are happening will end,” he added.

Mr Antwi said that was because issues such as those raised security concerns on the international market for which reason involving communities would allay fears.

“It is time for the country to move towards setting up those manufacturing companies in the country to create more jobs, and then also enhance our commercial skills, especially for our business.

“So we should move from just imports. These inputs from overseas somehow defeat the purpose. So the focus should be more on encouraging investors to come into the country and set up manufacturing companies,” he stated

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