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Mozambique: Pilot Registration Will be in Maputo, Manica and Nampula

The pilot registration to test the voter registration equipment will take place in February 2023, and will be held in administrative posts in 15 districts where no municipal elections will be held, according to a decision of the National Elections Commission.

We have ascertained that these will be administrative posts in districts in Maputo, Manica and Nampula provinces, which have yet to be indicated. In each of the provinces five districts will be chosen. These districts will soon be announced.

Holding the pilot registration in areas where there will be no municipal elections seeks to avoid disturbances and misinterpretation of the event by the voters in the municipalities that would be covered. The problem is that many voters participating the pilot registration might not register later, saying that they had already done so in the pilot phase.

Sufficiet voter registration equipment for the pilot is already in Maputo. All that is missing is the announcement of the districts where the pilot registration will be held and its dates.

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