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Chinese tech giant Baidu to roll out ChatGPT-like chatbot in March

(ECNS) — Chinese tech giant Baidu Inc announced on Tuesday that it would roll out “Ernie Bot,” an AI chatbot service similar to Open AI’s ChatGPT, in March.

The Ernie system is under internal test currently and will be finished in March.

“Baidu masters all ChatGPT related technologies,” said the company.

ChatGPT is a milestone and watershed for AI technology, which means that AI technology has developed to a critical point, and enterprises need to lay out as soon as possible, Baidu added.

Baidu has a comprehensive layout in the AI development framework, covering AI-powered chips, deep learning algorithms, language training model, and search applications.

The Ernie Bot has the in-depth ability to understand and generate cross-modular and multi-language semanteme.

ChatGPT is a chatbot from Microsoft-backed OpenAI that has been the centre of much buzz since it was released in November.

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