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Fifth International Ramayana Conference at Manas Bhawan

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Fifteen-year-old motivational speaker, spiritual orator and entrepreneur Bhavika Maheshwari has said that Lord Ram is like a mirror. “For me, he is a very good friend, parent and citizen,” she added.

Bhavika, who hails from Surat, was in the city on Saturday to attend three-day Ramayan convention at Manas Bhawan. She spoke on Ramayan mein leadership sandesh (Leadership message in Ramayana), which attracted audience.

On the sideline of the event, she told Free Press that she donated Rs 52 lakh for Ram Temple in Ayodhya by presenting seven Ramakathas in Surat during Covid-19 pandemic. She has presented Ramkatha 15 times in the country so far.

“I have learned it from parents. I have read a book, Tatvarth Ramayan, by Dongreji Maharaj, which influenced me,” she said. Besides Ramkatha, she also presents Bhagwat Katha . “I enjoy Bhagwat Katha more because it has a lot of bal leelas,” said Bhavika, a class 9 student. She is also very active on social media. “I manage it both. It doesn’t affect my studies. I do meditation and read spiritual books daily,” she said.

Bhavika Maheshwari received Global India National Excellence Award 2022. She has written a book on President Draupdi Murmu – Sangharsh se Shikhar Tak.

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