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Rwanda, Zipline Partnership a Blueprint of Economic Transformation – Kagame

The partnership between Rwanda and Zipline can be used as a case point of transformation of economic prosperity that changes people’s lives for the better, President Paul Kagame has said.

“The growth and the value of this partnership, more or less, speaks for itself,” he said in an interview with Keller Rinaudo Cliffton, co-founder and CEO of Zipline, on the occasion of the launch of the company’s next generation technology, Platform 2 (P2).

With this new platform, it will provide quiet, fast and precise autonomous delivery services directly to homes in cities and suburbs.

“The company’s next generation home delivery platform is practically silent (designed to sound like wind rustling leaves), and is expected to deliver up to seven times as fast as traditional automobile delivery, completing 10-mile deliveries in about 10 minutes,” Zipline stated.

Rwanda is expected to be Zipline’s first customer for the service, which it will use to enable urban aerial last-mile delivery to homes, hotels and health facilities in Kigali and elsewhere in the country.

Kagame said: “Universal access to delivery is responding to the needs if we believe we can change things and move as fast as we can to where others are, it is serving society well, and that’s what people really want.”

Cliffton and Kagame reflected on the journey of this partnership and the impact it created.

Nearly seven years ago, a public-private partnership was born that will forever impact the transportation of goods through the sky. Drones, a term used to define the small or large aircraft zipping above our heads without a pilot onboard, were seen at best as nuisances and at worst as threats to privacy or physical harm.