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AP Assembly passes VAT amendment Bill

Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly passed AP Value Added Tax (amendment) Bill 2023 and AP Para Veterinary and Allied Council Bill 2023 while three Bills were tabled on Saturday.

The Assembly passed the Andhra Pradesh Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill 2023 by voice vote after it was moved by finance minister Buggana Rajendranath and the Andhra Pradesh Para Veterinary and Allied Council Bill 2023 that was tabled by minister for animal husbandry.

Three Bills were also introduced in the House. The Andhra Pradesh Dotted Lands (Updation in Re Settlement Register (Amendment) Bill 2023, tabled by Minister for Revenue, Registration and Stamps, Dharmana Prasada Rao, was introduced in the House.

Meanwhile, the Andhra Pradesh Right in Land and Pattadar Pass Books (Amendment) Bill 2023 and the Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Area) Inams, (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwari) (Amendment) Bills 2023, were tabled by the revenue minister.

Rajendranath said that Andhra Pradesh Value Added Tax Act, 2005 (Act No. 5 of 2005) was with effect from 01.04.2005 and provides for levy and collection of tax on intra state sales and purchases of goods. After introduction of Andhra Pradesh Goods and Services Tax Act,2017 (Act No.16 of 2017) with effect from 01.07.2017, all goods except five petroleum products, including crude oil, petrol, diesel, natural gas and aviation turbine fuel (ATF) and liquor were subsumed in GST. He stated that the state continues to levy taxes on non-GST goods of those five petroleum products that are taxable under Schedule – VI of the Andhra Pradesh Value Added Tax Act,2005 at different rates at the point of first sale in the state.

Dr. Appalaraju explained that the livestock sector in the state is owned by 416.45 lakh households engaged in livestock and their related activities, including four lakh shepherd families. He explained that the livestock sector has contributed Rs 60,900 crore to the GSDP in 2021 accounting to about eight per cent of the state’s economy.

He said that the government has decided on a Andhra Pradesh Para Veterinary and Allied Council as a regulatory body for controlling and managing polytechnics for registration of animal husbandry/dairy/fishery diploma holders, for registration of institutions; imparting education and training to support such diplomas and prescribing their qualifications and for matters connected therewith on the lines of the Para Medical Board Act, 2006. The minister said they would soon have specific legislation on the constitution of the council.

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