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Jehane Thomas, TikTok Star and Mother of Two, Dead at 30

Jehane Thomas, a popular personality on TikTok and the mother of two young kids, passed away unexpectedly last week after experiencing months of debilitating migraine headaches.

She was 30 years old.

The awful news was broken late on Tuesday by friend Alyx Reast, who confirmed the death in a GoFundMe listing she has started in Thomas’ memory.

“Despite suffering from migraines and bouts of illness for several months, her passing was totally unexpected and we are all absolutely heartbroken,” Reast wrote on this page.

“Her two children, Isaac (3, almost 4), and Elijah (1), have been left without their mum.

“I’ve started this page in the hope of raising some money so her beautiful boys can have the best childhood, make memories and make sure they are comfortable.

“Nothing will bring the boys their mum back, but we hope it will bring some relief to her family, knowing how loved and supported they are.”

The social-media star hails from Doncaster, England.

Also the co-owner of a successful small stationery business, she has nearly 82,000 followers on TikTok, typically using the platform to document her life as a mother to Isaac and Elijah.

On March 15, just two days before her passing, Thomas shared an update on her health while lying in a hospital bed.

She revealed she could barely move… and that she was scheduled to go under the knife in the near future.

Thomas had been hospitalized for a week prior to this surgery as well.

“6 days admitted into hospital and I’m finally home with my boys,” she wrote on March 12, adding this month:

“It’s been a really challenging week, not just physically but mentally.

“I’ve missed these two so much and feel like they’ve both grown up so much whilst I’ve been away.

As of this writing, the aforementioned GoFundMe page has raised over $16,000.

In her final TikTok post two days before her death, Thomas explained why she was waiting for the procedure cited above, writing online:

“I’m waiting to see if I can take one of my Frovatriptan before surgery because no other pain relief is taking this pressure or if I need to ride it out and hope the surgery gives me instant relief.

“I can’t lift my head without wanting to be sick and I’m unable to walk, I need to be wheeled everywhere. That’s how bad this pain is.””

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