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The Fortune Finder’s Handbook: 12 Unexpected Ways to Earn Extra Money Each Month

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Economic times are tough; everyone wants a side hustle or a passive income. There are many options to make some extra money every month on the side. Some of these options need you to invest money and time, while others may pay you for just showing up. Let’s learn about these options and see which surprising option to earn extra monthly money works for you.

Options Trading

The Fortune Finder’s Handbook: 12 Unexpected Ways to Earn Extra Money Each Month

Options trading simulator
Image credit: Standret via Shutterstock

Options trading involves an option holder with the option but not the obligation to buy or sell a particular security at a future time at a preferred price. If the price does not match the expectations, the options trader can let it expire and pay a premium to the security owner.

Options trading is slightly tactical, but if you can understand the market trends and have experience in the stock exchange, you can make a decent amount of money. Learning the trade and avoiding over-investing in the start is essential. Once you get a hold of the process, you can spend more money on options trading at a given time. Joining a strong a options trading discord or a options trading alert service is a great way to follow full-time traders and see what trades they are making. 

Crypto Currency Investment

Woman holding Bitcoin
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The mysterious cryptocurrencies can be a source of a well-paying side hustle. There are many options available. Typically, people think about Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum when discussing crypto. However, there are plenty of lesser-known currencies that fluctuate consistently. You can start with smaller investments, and if the currencies you invest in go up, you can have a decent payday.

Some crypto sites help you buy, sell and even educate you on the process. The key is consistently paying attention to the trends and reacting when an opportunity presents itself.

Become an Airbnb Host

house as airbnb business
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If you have a spare room in your home, you can always rent them out to someone for a day or two. Airbnb helps you find clients needing a place to crash for a night or two. You can mention all the required details about the facilities available. If you’re concerned about the people staying at your place, you can offer the property to clients with high scores with the site in the past.

Depending on where you live, you can earn a decent amount every month. If you live near a subway or a bus station or have known attractions nearby, you can charge a bit more for the location.

Selling Digital Art

Woman making digital art
Image Credit: Shutterstock

There are unending options when it comes to selling digital art online. Whether you have made pixel art, vector graphics, a painting, or an animation, they can sell for a considerable price. Some stock photo sites may pay you every time someone buys your art.

You can also benefit from websites like Etsy, where you can upload digital calendars, art, and planners. These can sell for several dollars each, and if you’re good at it, you can earn hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a month. The best part is that you can get new customers for your existing portfolio and constantly add new items to the existing lot.

Woman doing online course
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Scientific studies are constantly occurring, and researchers need answers from people from different demographics. You can search the internet, find studies recruiting participants, and see if you meet the bill. The payment for online participation can be as high as $100 per hour. Typically, members of focus groups get paid better.

Become a Friend


This one is somewhat unusual, even novel. Many people have little or no friends and need someone to talk to. Many websites offer such employment with varying rates. You can be a friend online or meet someone in person. Just be careful when you meet someone in the physical world. If you’re good with people and can talk to people for extended periods, you can make plenty of money at this job.

Become a Mystery Shopper

Woman shopping
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Mystery shoppers must visit stores and eateries and purchase per their employer’s instructions. They have to rate the customer service, product quality, overall appearance of the establishment, and how they rate the overall experience.

You’re reimbursed for your expenses as a mystery shopper and paid the visit fee. It is an ideal work option for someone with a few hours to spare during the weekend.

Test a Product

Photo Credit: Unsplash

There are many products to test, and you can sign up for such a program on various websites. Typically, these are cosmetic products, but plenty of other options exist. The pay probably isn’t the greatest, but it still makes for a decent side hustle at the end of the month. Avoid products with potential side effects; the extra money is not worth it.

Wait in a Line

Peopling waiting in a line
Image Credit: Shutterstock

It is not fun, but it’s better than earning nothing. It can be a well-paying gig if you have the time and patience to stand in line for others. While most tickets are available online, many tourist attractions still have traditional queues, or people are unaware of getting their tickets online.

You can help the tourists see other places in the city while you spend a good couple of hours ensuring that they don’t miss the trip to the local museum or catch that ballad during that period.


Woman working from home.
Image Credit: Gorodenkoff via Shutterstock


Bookkeeping is a great job that pays pretty well. It pays even better if you take it part-time and offer hourly-based services to companies that need professional help on a part-time basis. You need excellent skills to get well-paying jobs; the workstream is generally consistent. Be sure to read reviews from previous company employees to know about your new employer’s dealings.

Become a Virtual Assistant

best investing apps
Image Credit: fizkes via Shutterstock

Virtual assistants are in demand big time, and if you understand the workings of an office, you can make some decent money every month. With more online services available, the requirement for VAs is only increasing. The per-hour payoff is also decent in most sectors. If you want to learn, many online courses are also available.

Take a Survey

woman using option trading app
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There are all kinds of surveys that you can take online. Some of them are simple and take just a minute. Some of these surveys may be technical, require specific skills, and take time. You can get paid a pretty buck for such surveys.

Be sure to browse different options since some survey websites pay low wages for your services. It is worth spending extra time now and finding a good website that pays a reasonable amount.

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