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Africa: UK Website Advertises Military Job for Africans, Middle East to Join Ukraine War for Shs93 Million Salary

A UK job site dubbed Adzuna is advertising vacancies for Africans and citizens of Middle East States to join the military voluntary program that is aimed at assisting Ukraine in its war with Russia.

Adzuna is a job aggregate and search engine that operates in over 20 countries and is visited by at least 10 million visitors per month.

In one of their job postings, a European Union Citizenship Program needs permanent staff mostly from African and Middle East countries to join a “High Contract” payment program.

The advertising company for the job vacancies is located in Sands End, London, United Kingdom.

“We invite citizens from the Middle East and North Africa to participate in a voluntary program to assist Ukraine on a competitive basis,” the job advert reads in part.

As part of the requirements, those who intend to apply should be military specialists with good health and psychological ability.

The qualified candidates will be deployed to participate in the Ukrainian Counteroffensive.

” Participants must understand all risks and sign a waiver of claims,” the advert states.

The contract of the job will fetch at least Shs93 million in payment.

However, as part of the conditions, after the contract expires and compliance with requirements is verified, accelerated citizenship in the UK or EU is guaranteed.

The United Kingdom is the second largest donor of Ukraine having committed £4.6 billion in military assistance to Ukraine so far.

The UK is also hosting a training programme (Operation Interflex), which is supported by several allies, with the aim of training 30,000 new and existing Ukrainian personnel by the end of 2023.

It has also recently committed to training Ukrainian fast jet pilots on top of providing long-range precision strike missiles.

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