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Complementary product for “NO TIME TO FAIL” Strategy Module | Smart GPT [Paid] | SMART Pointer PRO [Free] – Analytics & Forecasts – 24 May 2023

The video “strategy tester” was recorded from the original conditions when the indicator was working [wysiywg], we think you are a smart person who will judge that this is a quality product from real visuals, not theory from writing or manual lines/graphs outside the program offered.  The robust information architecture allows every trader even novices to benefit from sound trading & be more responsible in their decisions.

[Money back guarantee available] You can try & prove the real program in full within days, if you are not satisfied, submit a claim to, we will refund 100% according to [ terms & conditions].

The SMART project is a tool created specifically to combine the functions of an analyst and a trader in one “NO TIME TO FAIL” strategy module, which includes:

SMART Pattern In ONE Indicator [a collection of reversal, trend, and sideways patterns in one indicator]. 

SMART Control PANEL Utilities [as a tool to control open Buy/Sell positions, Stop/Limit orders, shift Open/Order positions, and TP/SL on the chart].

This product includes several supporting features, including presentation of pivots, resistance and support for active pairs/symbols. It also features peaks and valleys to guide decision-making for scalping execution, comparison with some important common indicators for 8 time frames and quick access to all important information on charts.

“SMART Timing PRO” [] & “SMART Pointer PRO”  []  are active complementary products to support “SMART Pattern In ONE” and/or “SMART Control PANEL” products.

It will OFF in seconds without accompaniment “SMART Pattern In ONE” | “SMART Control PANEL”. However, we allow the program to remain active for a few seconds for the “strategy tester” & initial information of each pair/symbol.

For those of you who need “SMART Timing PRO” & “SMART Pointer PRO”, which are always ON independentlyit is available in “Smart GPT”  []  product.

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