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Top 11 Best Trade Alerts Apps You Need to Use In 2023

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Thanks to technology, investing in the stock market is much easier today. Everyone has a mobile app they rely on to invest online or monitor stocks and the market daily (hardcore traders can only live with their mobile apps). Enter stock trade alerts apps, an essential tool for investors who intend to build a strong portfolio. Traders who want to generate returns on strategic short or medium-term trades rely on stock alert apps to track their portfolios. 

Top 11 Best Stock Trade Alerts App

Top 11 Best Trade Alerts Apps You Need to Use In 2023

Since there are so many stock trading applications on the market, it can take time for investors to select the best ones. Here are the 10 best stock trade alerts apps for 2023 to choose the best investments and remain updated on market trends.

1. Options Trading Club

Options Trading Club is quickly becoming the best stock alert apps and communities out there. While not a iOS or Android application on it’s own accord, it leverages the technology of Discord which users can easily download. Traders here will find quality content and daily trade alerts with different options strategies. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced trader, there is something for everyone. Easy access and direct communication to the expert traders is also helpful when needing a custom response to a question you may have!

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2. Morningstar

Morningstar is one of the most recognized names in investment research and offers various services to professional and non-professional investors. The Morningstar application specializes in an in-depth analysis of stocks and mutual funds and is suitable for investors who want to understand the fundamentals behind every investment.

The platform has two products targeted toward individual investors: Morningstar Investor and Morningstar Investor Newsletters. While Morningstar Investor gives access to the work of 150+ independent investment analysts, comprehensive stock and mutual fund ratings, investment screeners, and its proprietary portfolio X-Ray solution, the Morningstar Newsletters allows subscription to four different proprietary investment publications featuring the firm’s research and insights on market movements, investment funds, etc.

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3. Webull

Webull might be a good fit if you’re an intermediate trader. In addition to free trades of ETFs, options, and cryptocurrency, the app also provides free stock trading. Investors who use it can easily trade without paying commission fees while monitoring their stocks from their smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers. Due to Webull’s recent addition of the ability to trade fractional shares, users can now purchase smaller chunks of stocks with high share prices. Additionally, this brokerage offers membership to Nasdaq TotalView for $1.99/month, enabling investors to view Level II quotes.

4. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is equipped with invaluable resources like quotes in real-time and integrated charts that can help investors to build their portfolios successfully. With the several tools provided here, investors will have complete control to create watch lists with price alerts and will also be able to customize those based on the types of trades they want to make. Investors can check out the 24/7 news cycle with reports from professional analysts and daily updates to keep themselves updated with the latest market trends. Additionally, you can view up to seven years of tax documents and ten years of statements from there.

5. GuruFocus

One of the most well-known websites that offer financial news and research services and allows investors to keep track of their portfolio activities is GuruFocus. This application, which has over 40,000 daily users and 22,000+ premium members, mainly emphasizes the acts of stock market heroes like Warren Buffett, Bill Ackman, and Ray Dalio to assist users in making more knowledgeable investment decisions.

GuruFocus features include comprehensive stock scanning, forums, charts, financial sector articles, and extensive market coverage. The most helpful of these functions are 13 F and D filings, which display what important market participants are buying and selling.

6. TradeStation

TradeStation is a powerful stock trading app and platform with excellent analytical tools for seasoned professionals and new traders. Like every other online trading platform, TradeStation is a free stock trading app that doesn’t charge any commission on stock and ETF trades or low fees on options and futures contracts. Its technical indicators and screeners are among the best in the market, giving users access to backtesting, historical intraday data, and extensive charting capabilities. So, the ones using it can find the right opportunities in real-time and discover hidden opportunities with technical analysis.

7. Seeking Alpha

Founded in 2004 by a former Wall Street analyst, Seeking Alpha is a go-to place for well-written stock and market analysis. Depending on the tier one signs up for, one can access everything from stock analysis to email alerts, real-time market updates, newsletters, charting data, in-depth news and analysis, earnings and conference call recordings, alerts on analyst upgrades and downgrades, and much more. However, this application won’t provide specific stock recommendations. Information and ratings on stocks are only given, so one has to make investment decisions.

8. YCharts

With a custom dashboard, intra-day pricing, and more than a quarter million economic data points, the investing and market tracking service YCharts enables long-term individual value investors to keep ahead of market trends. Using its robust stock screener, investors can search through all publicly traded companies according to their investment plan criteria. Additionally, its subscribers have access to all the financial benchmarks and can chart data visually appealingly. Investors can also break down data over time and compare it with information on other stocks or the economy in general.

9. Moomoo

Moomoo is another commission-free trading platform for stocks, ETFs, and options, and anyone looking for a professional-grade, technical analysis-enabling platform for research and trading can consider it. This integrated platform has powerful tools that can enhance one trading insights and abilities and help them perform better analysis or track the market through its fantastic set of AI tools.

Moomoo also has free resources to train one market sensitivity and understanding, including comprehensive dimensions of market data like Depth-of-Market and real-time Level 2 Market Data and 24/7 financial news handpicked by its editorial team.

10. J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing

This investing solution offered by Chase allows investors to make unlimited commission-free trades in thousands of investment options, including stocks, ETFs, fixed income, mutual funds, and options. Its tools, like the screeners and watchlists, help build diversified portfolios while keeping investors updated with the latest market trends. The availability of personalized news and access to J.P. Morgan’s Research and market analysis further empowers investors to make better-informed investment decisions.

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11. Robinhood

Anyone interested in the stock market must have heard about Robinhood. The trading platform was one of the first to slash trading commissions to $0, and today it comes with many other exciting features. The best thing about Robinhood is its simple and easy-to-use interface and the non-availability of numerous components that can distract a trader from accomplishing his investment goals. However, if you are a professional investor who requires heavy technical analysis tools, then Robinhood is not for you.

With so many good options for the best stock alert apps, you can always remain on top of your stocks. Get notified on your mobile devices and manage your portfolios easily. You can also set up email alerts for stocks you want to track on most apps. Subscribing and upgrading to the premium services they offer is also easy.

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