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Settings files for the new scalper robot – Analytics & Forecasts – 24 May 2023

Settings files for the new scalper robot. 

The “Scalping Monster EA” Expert Advisor is based on the strategy of pending orders and an intelligent algorithm for efficient tracking. The robot is looking for the most effective points for opening orders using iSAR, iBullsPower, iBearsPower indicators. The robot also analyzes support and resistance levels. Based on these data, the robot decides when and in what direction to place pending orders. Pending orders are placed at support levels, and if they are triggered, the robot starts to accompany the open order by modifying its stops. The robot tries to bring each trade to at least the breakeven level. This strategy proved to be the most effective in real trading.

  • uses a fixed lot size, which the trader specifies in the settings.
  • does not use martingale
  • does not use a grid.
  • does not use hedging.
  • ECN account type (five-digit).
  • spread on the GBPUSD pair is not more than 3 points.


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