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Kenya: Sifuna, Ole Kina Main Obstacles in Bi-Partisan Talks, Khalwale Says

Nairobi — Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has alleged that Edwin Sifuna and Ledama Olekina are the main obstacles to the bipartisan negotiations.

Speaking to Citizen Television on Thursday morning, Khalwale said that the Kenya Kwanza team is fully committed to the talks but is facing challenges as Azimio La Umoja teams have not been cooperating.

“They don’t want to look in the eyes of our co-chair, Olekina and Sifuna are the biggest problems in the meeting, they have never participated in talks like these. The young people stand up and say they want to declare the end of talks before making any contribution,” he said.

Khalwale added that Kenyans must be aware of the degree of dishonesty present in the conversations between the two parties.

He continued by saying that the ongoing Jubilee leadership disputes, were a factor in the decision to halt the negotiations, but they were not the primary driver.

“We are not talking today, because the Azimio team has called off the talks, who said we were supposed to agree? They have refused to allow points of disagreements to be articulated,” Khalwale added.

“We did not go to the talks over Jubilee issues, the issues put on the table do not mention Jubilee.”

Azimio suspended the talks for the second time on May 23, citing various issues.

The talks were suspended for seven days Tuesday after MPs from the ruling Kenya Kwanza and Azimio coalitions failed to agree on contentious issues.

The talks spearheaded by Parliament bring together legislators from Odinga’s Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition and Ruto’s ruling coalition Kenya Kwanza.