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Live Trading Session Using “Supply Demand EA Pro” (26/5/2023) – Analytics & Forecasts – 26 May 2023

Hello traders,

I spotted two high probability setups today and i placed three positions in total. The first setup was a long setup on USDCAD H1. It was a nested Demand Zone

that was formed in compliance with Bullish Trendline. I really liked this setup and i decided to place 2 long market orders.

Thankfully both of them were in Green.

The second setup i spotted was a short position on GOLD H1. It was a well formed and narrow Supply Zone was formed

exactly at the same level with Bearish Trendline. It was a really probability setup and because the zone was very narrow i went for more than

1:1 risk reward on this trade. Finally price dropped heavily and the TP was reached.

On the following Live Session Video you can see all the setups that i spotted today and how i managed them.

My setups were spoted using “Supply Demand EA Pro” in combination with “Automated Trendlines” indicator.

Check the video below.


Automated Trendlines :

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