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Single Family Declined, Multi-Family Increased

by Calculated Risk on 5/26/2023 01:08:00 PM

Today, in the Calculated Risk Real Estate Newsletter: Fannie and Freddie Serious Delinquencies in April: Single Family Declined, Multi-Family Increased

Brief excerpt:

Single-family serious delinquencies continued to decline in April, however, multi-family serious delinquencies are now increasing.

Freddie Multi-Family Seriously Delinquent RateFreddie Mac reports that multi-family delinquencies increased to 0.19% in April, up from 0.08% in April 2022..

This graph shows the Freddie multi-family serious delinquency rate since 2012. Rates were still high in 2012 following the housing bust and financial crisis.

The multi-family rate increased following the pandemic and has increased recently as rent growth has slowed, vacancy rates have increased, and interest rates have increased sharply. This will be something to watch as rents soften.

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