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Embiid’s Olympic decision + NBA resting rules

Lucas Johnson and Jonathan Geib are back with The Sixer Sense Podcast following Team USA’s disappointing loss at the FIBA World Cup. Are there any Sixers players that could help Team USA in the Paris Olympics next year? There was one Sixer that did get a medal at the World Cup and that is none other than Filip Petrusev who won a silver medal with Serbia. Did Petrusev’s performance prove he could get some meaningful NBA minutes next year with the Sixers?

The conversation then shifts to the 2024 Olympic Games as Joel Embiid has a looming decision that could drastically affect the medal ceremony. Embiid has dual citizenship with the United States and France and has yet to commit to a country for International play. As much as we want to see Embiid play for Team USA, can you imagine the chaotic lineup of Embiid, Rudy Gobert, and Victor Wembanyama on the floor at the same time for the home country, France? Embiid has some time to decide, but the International basketball world is impatiently waiting for his decision.

Back in the world of the NBA, the Board of Governors has approved strict rules aimed at curbing the unnecessary resting of NBA “stars”. While Lucas and Jonathan both agree with the intention of these new rules, they disagree on the implementation of them. Is this a decision the the NBA Players’ Association needs to sign off on or can it be enacted without their input? How will these new resting rules affect the Sixers players and who can rest when?

The podcast closes out with a look forward at the Sixers training camp which will be held in Colorado. Jonathan has a suspicion about why the Sixers may have chosen this location. Can you guess what it is? Give the podcast a listen below!

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