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Erika Jayne’s Estranged Husband Tom Girardi Says ‘F**k You’ To Prosecutor During Mental Competency Hearing!

Things got heated while Tom Girardi was in court this week!

According to The Los Angeles Times, the estranged husband of Erika Jayne muttered “f**k you” to one of the federal prosecutors during a mental competency hearing on Wednesday. Assistant U.S. Attorney Ali Moghaddas heard the profanity and refused to let it slide! He quickly reported it to U.S. District Judge Josephine L. Staton, saying:

“Your honor, I want the record to make clear that the defendant said ‘f**k you’ to me.”

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Even though no one else heard the insult in the gallery, Tom’s attorneys did not dispute the claim. But here’s the thing, Tom is currently in court in order to determine whether the disgraced former lawyer can stand trial for eight counts of wire fraud and four counts of criminal contempt of court after he allegedly embezzled funds he won for plane crash victims. And at the time of the profanity he let slip, the prosecution had been cross-examining forensic neuropsychologist Stacey Wood, who insisted he was not competent to stand trial due to his dementia.

So when Tom dropped the F-bomb, Moghaddas argued to Wood that the moment was proof he understood what was happening in the courtroom and knew he had “nothing to lose,” per Courthouse News. Therefore, the prosecutor still believes Tom can stand trial. However, Bloomberg Law reports Wood fired back:

“Yes, but it also speaks to poor courtroom behavior.”

She also said, per Courthouse News:

“It’s certainly rude and inappropriate. You deserve our respect.”

Meanwhile, Tom stared coldly at Moghaddas for the remainder of the discussion. It’s safe to say the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum is not a fan of the prosecutor! Reactions? Let us know in the comments.

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