Umrah Rule: Alert issued for Umrah pilgrims, now take special care of these rules

Umrah Rule: Lakhs of people from Saudi and foreign countries go for Umrah. During this time, many people take their children with them, in such a situation it is important to take some precautions with the children. Saudi Hajar Umrah has been issued separately for the people by the Ministry. People who go on Umrah with their small children must follow these rules.

The Ministry has informed through its official Twitter handle that if a person goes on Umrah with his children, then he must take care of some important things.

Adopt this method

While going for Umrah rituals, make sure to wear an identification bracelet on the child’s hand, so that he can be identified easily. Avoid going to crowded areas with the child. Take care of the child’s eating and drinking habits. Also take care of the child’s personal hygiene.

Take care of these things also

Dress the child in the best clothes. Read dua while entering the mosque. Maintain morality. Take care of the cleanliness and sanctity of the mosque.

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