Shelby Rogers shares massive praise for Coco Gauff: “She has great morals”

Shelby Rogers shares massive praise for Coco Gauff: “She has great morals”
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Coco Gauff won the US Open 2023, beating Aryna Sabalenka in the final.The young American tennis player received beautiful words from her countrywoman Shelby Rogers. She underlined how the young 19 year old is a great person with great morals.

Shelby explained: “Oh it’s awesome and just to see how she’s just grown and matured as a person as well off the court.

Like not only her tennis game is just there’s so much room for improvement there. But her as a person is just really inspiring too because she really values being a great person and has great morals. And just, you know, she has a very charismatic personality and she seems to be handling everything really well.”

Coco shares her feeling about her after winning the US Open

Coco still doesn’t believe in what happened in New York, and during NBC’s Today program, she said: “It’s still crazy.

Even last night I was telling myself: You’re a Slam champion, and it doesn’t seem real to me at all. I feel like everything hit me suddenly because I didn’t want to tell myself it was a match point, I didn’t want to start shaking.

In my previous matches it took me about six, seven match points to win. In the past I thought it would be more relief than joy, but I think with all the growth and maturity I’ve achieved, it’s definitely more joy than relief.

I was just grateful and realized that all the difficult moments only served to make that moment even sweeter. I think if it had been easy, I wouldn’t feel as grateful as I did in that moment.”

The US Open tournament with Coco Gauff returns to an American player: “It couldn’t have been more perfect than this moment, to do it in America, in New York City, it’s just amazing.

My father wore a t-shirt that said: Imagine. Ha he simply said that he bought it at the beginning of the tournament. He said that he had the idea that I would get to the final and that if I did he would wear that shirt. And I think you just have to imagine that your dreams can come true.

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