Younis Khan Hits Out At Babar Azam After Pakistan’s Exit From Asia Cup, Says ‘If You Can’t Handle This Pressure, You Aren’t Capable Of Being In National Team’

Former Pakistani cricketer and captain, Younis Khan hit out at Babar Azam after the Men in Green’s exit from the Asia Cup 2023 and said that the 28-year-old Pakistan skipper is not capable of leading the team if he is not able to handle the pressure in difficult times.

While speaking to ARY News, Younis Khan said that even if the team were facing Namibia still they would focus on keeping the winning team combination and make no changes in the first eleven. The former player also pointed out how others would feel pressure if they had a competitor in the playing eleven.

“Even if we were facing Namibia, we were more focused on keeping the winning combination. In our culture, we think, ‘if Sarfaraz is the wicketkeeper, Rizwan shouldn’t be there because it will create pressure on Sarfaraz, and vice-versa’. Similarly, say, if Babar Azam is the captain of the team, Younis Khan — being the batter of similar stature — can’t be vice-captain because it would put Babar in pressure,” Younis Khan said.

Captaincy isn’t a very big deal actually: Younis Khan on Babar Azam

Younis Khan asked Babar Azam to do his homework before a match and added that captaincy isn’t a big deal. Khan gave tips to Babar and said that if a bowler is underperforming in a certain situation then the skipper should know how to use the pacer.

The former player said Babar Azam not to back someone in the squad just because the player is a fan favourite and address the wrongs without thinking.

“If you can’t handle this pressure, you are not capable of being in the national team. Then, it will be difficult. Just do your homework! Captaincy isn’t a very big deal. If your bowler isn’t performing well in a particular situation, you should know how to utilise him.

“You can’t follow a certain pattern everywhere in this day and age. Batters now have a plan. Even now, nothing has gone wrong. Address the grey areas. Don’t back someone just because he is a fan favourite,” Younis Khan added.

Babar Azam-led Pakistan were out of the Asia Cup 2023 after they lost the must-win match in the fifth Super Fours game of the tournament against Sri Lanka by two wickets.

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