Holger Rune’s mother gives awful updates on her son’s injury: “He feels pain”

Holger Rune’s mother gives awful updates on her son’s injury: “He feels pain”
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Holger Rune is facing the most complicated period of his very young career. He is currently number 4 in the world, but his Best Ranking is mainly due to the decline of some tennis players in this part of the season. After the quarter-finals at Wimbledon, Rune collapsed and had a series of negative results.The latest came this week in the Davis Cup, where with his Denmark he lost against the Brazilian tennis player Thiago Monteiro, an athlete in decline and certainly not of his level.

Then Rune was forced to withdraw from the competition.

Rune’s problem is physical and quite serious: his mother Aneke first gave a couple of interviews where she explained the situation to the local media and then to clarify, she published a statement on her son’s condition.

It’s not easy for Rune also because he now has several points to defend in this hot final of the season.

Holger Rune’s mother gives awful updates on her son’s injury

She said: “He was forced to retire due to a physical problem.

Every time he pushes to serve he is in pain. We tried ibuprofen but it didn’t help. Now he needs an injection to manage this inflammation that has arisen and continues to bother him. Holger has had to deal with this physical problem for a few months now and is forced to withdraw or suffer sensational defeats in the first round.”The mother of the young talent clarified when all this problem was born: “In Paris things got worse, and now the consequence is a disc protrusion which really causes him a lot of pain.”Rune sees his presence in the Laver Cup in doubt but his mother reassured him with good news: “Everyone agrees that this problem will not affect his career in the long term.

But now Holger is really feeling a lot of pain, we hope to resolve this problem so that he can soon return to his best condition as soon as possible.”

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