Could the NBA Script Writers have something brewing for the Sixers?

With Daryl Morey recently bringing Danny Green home, a lot of fans have begun their speculations as to whether or not the Sixers should run it back with the 2020/21 team featuring Ben Simmons. Could there be an unexpected script being written?

There is no doubt a lot of fans were upset having to give up Andre Drummond and Seth Curry alongside Ben Simmons to acquire James Harden. At the time, most fans were just excited to get Simmons out of the city and to get another star player to slot in next to Joel Embiid. However, as time went on, the Sixers were back in a similar situation to that 2021/22 team before Simmons got moved.

Since that moment, the Sixers have been bounced in the 2nd round again in back-to-back seasons while sweeping Simmons’s Nets in the process this prior season. However, the Sixers fell apart when it mattered most, and it ended up costing Doc Rivers his job as head coach.

Fans have been excited for a new Sixers era starting under Nick Nurse.

With that comes the question mark of bringing Ben Simmons and Seth Curry home and running it back. We all know the jokes about there being Script Writers that control the narratives of the sports world, but wouldn’t it be something to have a redemption story of Simmons and Embiid reuniting to get to the NBA Finals and bring the losing to an end?

With Ben Simmons recently saying he would love a trade back to Philadelphia, this has a redemption arc storyline. Making a trade with the Nets might not be out of the water, but it may not make sense for the Sixers.

If you were to get the gang back together again, it would admit that you were wrong about Ben Simmons and that the James Harden experiment was a failure. On the other hand, it could also prove that Simmons needed time to mature and find his reason to play basketball for more than just the lifestyle.

A coach like Nick Nurse would have Simmons thriving here in Philly and could help him reach a level he never could with Brett Brown and Doc Rivers. Nurse has gotten more out of his players than a lot of coaches in the league. He has had success with less. Turning Pascal Siakiam and Fred VanVleet into some of the best players in the league.

Imagine what he could do with Ben Simmons and Seth Curry coming off the bench. While this is a far cry from happening. Would you accept Ben Simmons back into Philadelphia with open arms or would you continue to feel the same way about him currently?

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