Clayton Echard Says “Truth Will Set You Free” Amid Bombshell Paternity Scandal

Clayton Echard is looking to clear his name.

Earlier this week, we learned that the former Bachelor lead had been sued by an unidentified woman after she claims the pair had sexual intercourse on May 20.

This woman says she got pregnant as a result of this action… and that Echard has:

First, been denying he’s the father of her impending twins; second, pressuring her to get an abortion; third, insisting he’ll play no rule on the role of these children.

Clayton Echard looks stunned in this photo from his time on The Bachelor. (ABC)

Along with her lawsuit, the accuser included with it “erratic, illogical and threatening messages” from Echard, along with screenshots of texts he reportedly sent her.

These messages included comments such as:

“I don’t believe you for a second,” “I legitimately hate you right now,” “You have lost your mind and I hope YOU think about how terrible this is that you would subject me to this” and “My personal hell would be having to have you be a part of my life.”

In an interview with The Sun this week, Echard said he and this partner only engaged in oral sex.

Clayton Echard on Hot Seat
Clayton Echard faced a great deal of backlash during his time on The Bachelor. (ABC)

Now, meanwhile, Echard has fired back in even more direct and practical fashion.

On Thursday night, the 30-year-old posted a screenshot of a receipt for a paternity test in order to clear the air after he was named in this paternity lawsuit in August.

“This is the timeline. The truth will always set you free,” Echard wrote over the email receipt in an upload to his Instagram Story.

Based on the screenshot, the reality star paid $725 to schedule an appointment on September 27 with a paternity clinic.


Echard followed this post up five hours later with another slide on his account… where he claimed he’d been made aware of — and been able to verify — that this lawsuit wasn’t a first for the unnamed woman.

“I’ve been notified (and have confirmed) that there are other individuals out there with nearly identical accusations being made against them by the exact same person,” he wrote.

“Some of the court cases are still publicly accessible and active.”

After the two parties take their blood/DNA tests, they are scheduled for an early resolution conference and will appear in court immediately on September 28.

Clayton Echard on Jimmy Kimmel
Clayton Echard is a guest here on Jimmy Kimmel after being named The Bachelor. (ABC)

This scandal comes nearly one year after Echard and Susie Evans announced their decision to go their separate ways.

The former couple met on Clayton’s season of The Bachelor and lived together for just under a year before trying long distance and eventually parting ways.

“With incredibly heavy hearts, we wanted to share that we have decided to go our separate ways,” Echard and Evans wrote in a joint Instagram statement at the time.

“For anyone who has ever loved, knows this was a painful decision to make and not one taken lightly.”

Clayton Echard on Insta
Clayton Echard shared this mysterious photo on Instagram in March 2022. What was he trying to say with it? (Instagram)

As for this lawsuit?

Echard called it “baseless” when speaking to The Sun, adding: “We did not have sexual intercourse.”

Echard also told this outlet that he plans to countersue the woman, whom he believes is “harassing” him because she is “obsessed” with trying to date him.

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