Rwanda: Gen Z Comedy Show Thrills Fans in Style

When organisers of Gen Z Comedy Show, comprised of young and upcoming talented comedians, announced its relocation at Camp Kigali, known for hosting big events, some people speculated that the show could flop. However, the show made a statement after hosting their first live show to a full house, on the evening of September 21.

The show kicked off an hour late but the organisation, from the tickets desk to the protocol team that made sure everyone sat on their deserving seats, made up for the lost time.

The number of attendees kept on growing as Fally Merci, founder and host of the show was given the floor to start while DJ Platy Wanyama, the show’s deejay since its inception, played music for the audience.

Coming up on stage, Merci was given a warm welcome by the crowd that was eager to see what the show had in store given that most of the headliners were new or had performed only a few times on the stage of the comedy show that successfully established itself among big and consistent comedy shows in Kigali.

The comedy which was attended by many famous figures like Clapton Kibonke, Ndimbati, Deejay Sonia, Symphony Band and Mani Martin among others saw performances of different Gen Z rising talents including Ambuteyaje, Sanyu Inkirigito, Hurbert, pirate, Rumi, Umuyange, Mavide and Pazo among others.

Hurbert, a young comedian, had a great performance that he will remember as one of the best stages during his rise. With his humor and fun appearance, the comedian made the crowd burst into laughter throughout his time on stage.