Zimbabwe: Tamy Moyo Set to Perform in Atlanta

Songstress Tamy Moyo is scheduled to perform in Atlanta, Georgia, United States this weekend as Atlanta celebrates 50 years of hip-hop culture.

Tamy left the country yesterday and her ‘momager’ Doris Makwara, confirmed the latest development.

“On Sunday, Tamy Moyo is participating in a rhythmic collision of art vs. hip-hop artist showcase as part of celebrating 50 years of Hi-Hop in Atlanta, Georgia USA.”

“The show will take the audience on a far-out flight to outer space and back. During the celebration the Atlanta Hip-Hop community members will enjoy a magical experience: renowned poets and dynamic hip-hop artists will share the stage, exploring the intricate dance between spoken verse and lyrical flow,” she said.

She said that the heartfelt sounds of Tamy will immerse the attendees into the intricate dance between spoken verse and lyrical flow.

“This will be an unforgettable fusion of literary prowess and musical ingenuity that transcends genres and sparks a vibrant creative dialogue.”

The show is being hosted by ELEVATE in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs in various locations around Atlanta. ELEVATE is a public art program that seeks to invigorate the Atlanta community through visual art, performances, and cultural events.

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