Daniil Medvedev’s Racket – What Does He Use? [Updated 2023]

Unorthodox yet effective is the best way to describe Daniil Medvedev, and over the last two years, he’s become one of those players nobody wants to see in their section when a tournament draw is made.

The 6ft 6″ Russian has a big serve, a versatile backhand, and he almost seems to slap his forehand like nobody else on tour, but what racket does he use to achieve a style of play that countless opponents have found difficult to come to terms with. Let’s take a look.

What Tennis Racket Does Medvedev Use?

medvedev tecnifibre tfight iso 305

Medvedev is a Tecnifibre brand ambassador and endorses the Tecnifibre TFight ISO 305. Since Tecnifibre merged with Lacoste, alongside Medvedev, they’ve snapped up several stars like Iga Swiatek to replicate what the likes of Babolat have managed over the last 20 years thanks to Nadal.

However, like most top pros, Medvedev uses a different racket, a customised version of the Tecnifibre Dynacore 305. 

What Specification is Medvedev’s’ Racket?

Medvedev T Fight

Like Djokovic and his racket setup, Medvedev uses a 95 square-inch frame with an 18 x 19 string pattern. You can see his approximate specs below, thanks to an acquaintance of the Russian’s sister who posted them on the Talk Tennis Forum:

Head Size 95 in²
Length 27 in
Strung Weight 359 g
Balance ~31 cm
Swing Weight Unknown
String Pattern 18 x 19
Dampener No
Grip Size 4 3/8 in (L3) + Overgrip
Stiffness 65

It’s unclear if there is any lead tape under the head guard on Medvedev’s frame, but there must be some weight in the handle to get the static weight up to 360 grams.

Has Medvedev Changed Racket Specs During His Career?

Medvedev Racquet Changes

Like several players of his generation, Medvedev previously played with the Wilson Six One 95, a classic heavy and head-light player frame.

Medvedev used the frame early in his career with a Pro Staff 97 paint job, just like his contemporaries Kyle Edmund and Dan Evans do now.

However, when Tecnifibre came calling, Medvedev naturally had to switch to the French firm and settle with a custom Dynacore 305 nearly identical to the Wilson frame.

Even some say his racket is a custom Tecnifibre pro stock clone of the Six One 95, albeit without Wilson’s proprietary perimeter weighting system and an 18 x 19 string pattern.

Medvedev’s String Setup and Tension

Before Tecnifibre, Medvedev used Luxilon polyester strings (I am unsure which line, but I assume it has to be ALU) in his Wilson frame, but along with the switch in racket sponsorship, the strings also changed.

Medvedev used the blue Razor Code for a couple of seasons, and when his strings turned white, it was rumoured that he had switched to Ice Code.

However, he used the white version of Tecnifibre’s flagship polyester string, Razor Code.

In December 2022, Medvedev debuted a different string in his racket. It was unveiled that he had switched to Tecnifibre Razor Code Soft.

His reference tension has typically been 22kg or 48 lbs, but this changes depending on conditions; for example, on the grass in 2023, he was stringing at 25 kilograms on both crosses and mains, and his tension has risen with the new softer string.

He changed to Razor Code soft because he liked how the ball came off his racket. Could it start a trend of more pros switching to softer, arm-friendlier polyester strings?

Can You Buy Medevev’s Racket?

medvedev tfight racket

If you want a racket that looks like Medevev’s frame in cosmetics, then the Tecnifibre TFight ISO 305 is readily available. It’s one of my favourite rackets and an excellent playing frame. The 18 x 19 string pattern offers a good power, spin and control blend.

If you want to mirror his specs, finding a used Tecnifibre TFight 305 Dynacore Racket and weighing it up is one option.

Although you might find, a Wilson Six One 95 racket is truer to his specs. Yes, it won’t carry the Tecnifibre branding, but I believe that frame will be closer to the one Medvedev uses today regarding how it plays.

What do you think of Medvedev’s racket specs? Will we see more players use the 18 x 19 string pattern in the future? Let me know in the comments.

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