Bank Rule: SBI and BOB customers should complete this work by 30th September, time is 7 days…

If you have a bank locker in SBI or BOB then you should sign the new locker agreement soon. The last date for this is 30th September.

New Delhi. RBI has instructed banks to get their bank locker customers to sign the locker agreement. This work has to be done compulsorily. If you also have a locker in SBI, BOB or any other bank, then you should also sign the bank locker agreement by 30th September. If you do not do this then as per the instructions of RBI, you will have to leave the bank locker.

Keeping in mind the rights of its customers, SBI and BOB have issued a new bank locker agreement with some amendments. Banks have also informed their customers about this through SMS and email. It is necessary for the customers to sign these. To sign, the customer will have to go to the same bank branch where his locker is.

Work has to be completed by 31st December

All banks have been ordered to complete this work by December 31. According to RBI guidelines, signatures of 50 percent people are to be obtained on the bank locker agreement by June 30, 75 percent by September 30 and 100 percent by December 31. Banks have also been instructed to update all the information related to locker agreement on the efficient portal of RBI.

What is the new agreement

According to the new locker agreement, now banks cannot say that they have no responsibility for the items kept in the locker. He cannot shirk his responsibility in case of damage to the locker in case of theft, fraud, fire or building collapse. In this case, the bank will have to compensate up to 100 times the annual rent of the locker. Apart from this, the bank will have to take all necessary steps for the security of the locker.

Banks increased charges

Banks have increased locker charges after the changes. SBI is collecting GST from deposits of Rs 1,500-12,000 in different branches. Earlier this amount was Rs 500-3,000 per year. Fares depend on cities and type of locker. HDFC Bank is charging Rs 1,350 to Rs 20,000 annually for the locker, depending on the location and type.

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