Flight Tickets Rule: Now Google will tell you when you will get cheap flight tickets, you will be able to book cheap tickets instantly, know how

Google Flights: Google’s new feature will send you alerts as soon as flight tickets become cheaper, so you can save thousands of rupees by booking tickets quickly.

Google Flights New Feature: When you book a flight ticket, many times you have to buy expensive tickets. If you have to travel by flight every day, then this may prove to be a bit expensive for you. But if you want to buy a flight ticket at a lower price, then now you can do so by saving thousands of rupees. Actually, Google has recently launched a feature in the market which helps you in booking cheap flight tickets.

Most of the people who travel by flight, book flights many months in advance, in fact, a big reason behind doing so is that if flight booking is done only at the time of need, then its fare is slightly higher, although your If your plan to go or tour somewhere is after a month or two, then your chances of getting a chance to travel at a much lower price than the current fare increase significantly. In such a situation, this new feature can also be of great use to you and will tell you at the right time when the cheapest flight tickets are available.

This feature of Google will automatically send notifications

According to the information, if you want to know when flight tickets are getting cheaper, then for this you will have to enable the price tracking option present in Google Flights, after this this feature becomes active and as soon as the flight prices go down. Similarly, it will alert you through notification that now the price of flight ticket has reduced and you have a good chance to book it. To use this feature, you will have to sign in to Google with your Google account. Once you sign in, you will get a colored badge on many Google flights which means that the fare for this flight will not change.

At present, there are many such platforms which claim to provide cheap flight booking but by the time of completing the booking process, the flight fare becomes much higher than the fare shown in the display, in such a situation, passengers are forced to go around and book expensive tickets only. Are falling. If you also keep traveling by flight every day, then believe me this feature can prove to be very useful for you. This will also save your money and you will not need to check flight fares again and again.

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