Tunisia: Businessman and Former Minister Abderrahim Zouari Arrested

Tunis/Tunisia — Former minister and businessman Abderrahim Zouari has been arrested and remanded in custody for five days as part of an investigation by the Economic and Financial Investigations Sub-Department in Gorjani, the spokesman for the Tunis Court of First Instance and Deputy Prosecutor General, Mohamed Zitouna, said on Tuesday evening.

He added in a statement to TAP that Zouari was arrested on the basis of a complaint filed by a civil association, which reported suspicions of corruption in a public contract.

Mohamed Zitouna said Zouari was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the exploitation by a public servant of the characteristics of his job to benefit himself and harm the administration, in accordance with the provisions of Article 96 of the Penal Code.

Zouari, 79, had previously appeared in court.

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