Pakistan Super League (PSL) Likely To Be Moved To Dubai, With Franchises Divided By Their Opinions – Reports

The idea of relocating the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season from Pakistan to Dubai is currently gaining increasing attraction with the news of general elections. According to the reports, the details indicate that the announcement of Pakistan’s general elections on February 8, has prompted discussion about moving the Pakistan Super League (PSL) ninth edition from February 8 to March 24.

Concerns over security during the election season in the country have led to discussions about holding the PSL opening ceremony and a few matches in Dubai. According to sources, since the start of the year, a senior PSL official has been aggressively seeking to arrange matches in the United Arab Emirates.

In the past, talks about moving the league surfaced whenever a dispute occurred over the security money given by the Punjab government. Despite having strong ties to the previous management, Zaka Ashraf declined to remove this official from his role, and the official continues to have the same ambition to move the ninth edition of the league outside of the nation.

Pakistan Super League 2023
Pakistan Super League 2023 Credits: Twitter

The PSL franchises have additional difficulties because of their overlap with the leagues in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, franchise owners worry that overseas cricket players may sign with other leagues, which could impact their availability for the PSL.

One franchise owner claims that during election seasons in the past, India has relocated the IPL to South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. The lenient travel limitations in Dubai also make foreign cricket players feel at ease, while another owner is apprehensive that the league’s relocation to the United Arab Emirates would result in a decline in their earnings.

The league might still take place in Pakistan despite this by modifying the calendar to coincide with the election time. It’s also important to note that the PSL may take place in the UAE starting on February 18 because the country will host its own ILT20 league from January 19 to February 17.

In an effort to address these urgent issues and determine the league’s future course, stakeholders will probably focus much in the next meeting to finalize the venue.

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