James Dolan resigns from board positions amid lawsuit involving Raptors

Photo: Barstool Sports/Twitter

Before filing the lawsuit against the Toronto Raptors, James Dolan stepped down from his roles on the league’s Board of Governors’ influential advisory/finance and media committees, as per a memo obtained by ESPN.

“Given all that has occurred lately, I have come to the conclusion that the NBA neither needs nor wants my opinion,” Dolan wrote in a July memo to Silver that he copied to the other 29 league owners.

Dolan let Adam Silver and his colleagues know that he would no longer be attending Board of Governor meetings, and now Knicks general counsel Jamaal Lesane is representing the franchise in those meetings.

“My hope is that the Knicks will be treated equally and fairly as all other NBA teams,” Dolan said in the memo. “… As you know, I am very busy with all my duties at MSG family of companies. I need to apply my time where I can be most productive.”

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