Egypt: Malik Agar Pledges ‘Urgent Decisions’ to Facilitate Traffic At Sudan-Egypt Border

Port Sudan — The deputy chairman of Sudan’s Sovereignty Council, Malik Agar, has pledged “to take urgent decisions” to resolve complications currently facing Sudanese vehicles at Egyptian border posts, and resume work to restore railway lines.

In a meeting with Agar on Monday, Acting Transport Minister Abubakr Abdallah said there are complications that should be discussed with the Egyptian authorities regarding the crossing of Sudanese vehicles and trucks through the Ashkeet and Argeen border crossings near the High Dam port, in Sudan’s Northern state.

Minister Abdallah pointed out that Egyptian lorries are able cross into Sudanese territory without complications.

Abdallah outlined plans to resume work on the restoration of railway lines, which will start from the Haaya-Kassala line in eastern Sudan, in addition to plans to conduct Hajj (Muslim pilgrimage) convoys using Sudanese ships this year in coordination with the Sea Ports Authority. He says that the ministry is also working to resume livestock exports with Sudanese ships.

River navigation

He asked the Sovereignty Council to coordinate with the government of South Sudan so that river navigation through the crossings can be resumed and river transport reactivated. In terms of transport of oil from South Sudan, Abdallah stressed that Sudan has 17 pipes ready to work, but currently lacks coordination with South Sudan to start operating them.

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