Lynne Wasserman, Lew Wasserman’s Daughter | Casey Wasserman’s Mother | Hollywood’s Princess Passes Away

Lynne Wasserman passed away last week in Los Angeles.  She had suffered a recent fall and did not recover. She was 83.
 Her life was truly that of the “Princess of Hollywood.”

When your father is the most powerful man in the entertainment industry and called, “THE KING and your mother is THE QUEEN of HOLLYWOOD” • That made Lynne, “The Golden Child | The Princess”.

Lynne loved Tennis. She played as a small child and even took lessons from the amazing Bill Tilden. They hit on her friend Frank’s court in Bel Air. Tilden was an unreal coach but not for a little girl – he was kind but tough.  

Barron Hilton and his brother Nicky took their lessons around the same time on the same court. We’d always hear Barron say, “I’ll forever be known as Conrad Hilton’s son and Paris Hilton’s grandfather”. So similar to how Lynne felt she was going to be remembered (the achievements and/or personalities of relatives). 

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Lynne loved following tennis for 70 odd years. The Wasserman family always supported tennis tournaments, tennis players and arenas! In 1984 they helped build the Tennis Center at UCLA .

The family had a beautiful box at the Los Angeles Tennis Club prior to that. You’d always see them there most of the event. And then at the new UCLA center that hosted the Men’s ATP event.

I first met Lynne when she was looking for a coach for Casey. He sure was a talented athlete in any sport he played. I was all of 24/25 years old and he named me “Geezer / Or Geez”. Why…? I don’t really know. But it hit everybody funny (Maybe like the pin I wore as a teenager that said, “don’t trust anyone over 30”). 

Ok. I digress but writing obituaries of loved ones is very hard.

Lynne is in heaven now. There’s no doubt the cast of characters waiting for her at the Pearly Gates was massive and diverse. Certainly, all of the Hollywood A listers. Like the Jimmy Stewarts. The Reagans. Judy Garland singing, “Somewhere over the rainbow…” Suzanne (Susie) Pleshette greeting her with some jokes or bad girl stories. Roddy McDowall holding a camera in hand. Harry Belafonte greeting her with a song. And Alfred Hitchcock, I sure wish I could remember the morbid birthday greetings he gave her every birthday on October 18th – it always made her laugh. For sure Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis. Add. Polly Bergen and Rosemary Clooney. Frank Sinatra. The list is endless…

Princess Lynne you’ll be missed.
 • And Casey, she never forgot all the beautiful Thanksgivings you shared with her.

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