Respond To Problems Of Common People Promptly: President Murmu

NEW DELHI, Nov 24: President Droupadi Murmu on Friday said it is the duty of civil servants to respond promptly to the grievances of the people besides adopting innovative measures beneficial for citizens.
Addressing a group of officer trainees who had called on her at the Rashtrapati Bhavan here, the president said the feedback of the public on various Government schemes and projects is now considered very important for an efficient and accountable administration.
At a time when people can post their grievances instantly on social media, the need to use updated governance tools and advanced technology for service delivery to people has increased manifold, she said.
“As energetic and aware civil servants, it is your duty to respond promptly to the grievances and problems of the common people. You must take such innovative measures which are beneficial to the citizens and the country in the short and long term,” Murmu told them.
The officer trainees are undergoing the 98th special foundation course, focussed on good governance, at the Haryana Institute of Public Administration (HIPA) in Gurugram.
She said, with the advent of latest technologies, terms such as electronic governance, smart governance, effective governance and others have emerged to emphasise the need to ensure fast and efficient service delivery to the citizens.
“Good governance also signifies citizen-centric governance. These days the feedback of the public regarding various schemes and projects of the government is considered very important for an efficient and accountable administration,” the president said.
She said civil servants posted across the country are also responsible for strengthening the unity and integration of the nation.
“It is the duty of civil servants like you to achieve the goal of inclusive development of the country. The citizens of India are active participants in the growth journey of the country. You should promote ‘jan bhagidari’ (people’s partnership) to achieve the objectives of the various programmes,” Murmu said.
She said it is through cooperation and collaboration with all stakeholders including the private sector, non-government sector and various informed and committed citizens, that the goal of a developed India can be realised.
“You should always remember that you have been selected for serving the nation. That should be your prime goal and you should align your individual goals with the overall goals of the country. In this journey of development of all, you need to be always ready and prepared to face challenges and convert them into opportunities,” the president said. (Agencies)

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