Ultra Scalp FX – Trading Systems – 24 November 2023


Ultra Scalp FX is a high-performance Expert Advisor developed under a unique high-probability algorithm.

The calculation formula of Ultra Scalp FX seeks and identifies high-probability breakout zones of Support and Resistance levels in the price. Once the entry zones are detected, it implements intelligent risk management, exposure time, dynamic safety Stop Loss, as well as a flexible profit-taking method.


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Featured Features:

1. Customized Capital Management:

We understand that every investor is unique. That’s why we’ve integrated capital and risk management settings that adapt to your preferences and trading style. Whether you’re a conservative trader or a thrill-seeker, Ultra Scalp FX adapts to you.

The trader has three different risk management modes: Fixed Lot, “X” Lot per “Y” Balance, or “X” Lot per “Y” Equity.

Example: if the “X” Lot per “Y” Equity option is selected

For the lot calculation, the following formula will be used: Lot = Equity / Lot per “Y” Equity * Lot.
For an equity of $3500 and a Lot of 0.01 per every $100 of Equity, the Lot will be:

Lot = 3500 / 100 * 0.01 = 0.35 Lot.

2. Capital Protection:

We understand that capital protection is fundamental. Ultra Scalp FX does NOT employ any high-risk strategies such as Martingale, Grid, Hedging, etc.

All trades in Ultra Scalp FX always include a dynamic safety Stop Loss. At no point will Ultra Scalp FX attempt to compensate for lost trades by dangerously increasing the risk of subsequent trades.

The parameter “Maximum Stop Loss” indicates the maximum number of pips that the EA will allow for a single trade.

3. Two High-Performance Strategies:

Ultra Scalp FX has been updated to version 2.00, incorporating a second strategy that enhances the intelligent approach to addressing the market.

It is possible to activate both strategies simultaneously on the same chart, or activate only one of them, easily configurable from the EA’s options menu.

STRATEGY ONE: Seeks high-speed breakouts in support and resistance, being a short-range Scalping strategy with quick profits and lower risk.

STRATEGY TWO: Breakouts in support and resistance must have a greater potential range, aiming for a pip gain higher than strategy one. It includes a Break-even system that neutralizes strong price movements against us if the market does not favor our position.

4. Informational Control and Graphic Design:

Ultra Scalp FX has been designed with attention to every detail. For traders, it is important to be informed about the status of their EA in the market, as well as the various steps an Expert Advisor is taking. Ultra Scalp FX features an informative panel indicating the details of open trades and support and resistance levels. It also includes another expandable panel with information about account settings and both strategies.

5. Positive Mathematical Expectancy:

Ultra Scalp FX has undergone various stress tests with a high-quality historical database, using the renowned Tick Data Suite software, which provides a modeling quality of 99.9% without chart slippage errors.


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