VantagePoint Vantagepoint A.I. Hot Stocks Outlook for November 24, 2023 Stocks SPDR SPY ($SPY) $AAPL, $MSFT, $DGX, $TXRH, $MA

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The Hot Stocks Outlook uses VantagePoint’s market forecasts that are up to 87.4% accurate, demonstrating how traders can improve their timing and direction. In this week’s video, VantagePoint Software reviews forecasts for SPDR SPY($SPY), QUEST ($DGX), MasterCard($MA), Texas Roadhouse ($TXRH), Microsoft($MSFT), Apple ($AAPL).


Hello again, Traders, and welcome back to the Hot Stocks Outlook for November 24th, 2023. I hope you all are having an excellent week out there in the financial markets. Of course, we have an abbreviated week with really only a few trading days in between our last Hot Stocks Outlook, but it’s a good opportunity to look at that $SPY ETF and really learn how all SPDR SPY ETF ($SPY) these predictive indicators work together.

Right, so when we look at the Spy, well, we can see that we’re actually pushing up close towards that 20% mark on the year to date. We’ve got about one month; we’ve had an 8% rally just in the past month, and of course, the past few days, not a lot going on. But this is actually a really good time to highlight all these predictive indicators, and really, regardless if you’re seeing high volatility, if things are running sideways, these indicators do a really great job of helping Traders make better trading decisions.

So, when we look here at the Spy, there’s a really good example of how all these tools work. So, what we have here is daily price action. Each one of these candles that you see represents a full and complete trading day. And it’s right up against that price data that what we have is a black-black line and a blue line value. Now, what you’re seeing with that black line is a very common technical indicator, in this case, it’s a simple moving average. And so, it looks back over the previous 10 closes, and it’ll add those all together and really smooth out where the market price has already been. But obviously, Traders want to be ahead of that next move. And so, what we’re able to do is compare that black line value to this blue line value. And for that number to get plotted and calculated, essentially, it’s a prediction of future prices.

Well, for that to get plotted, this is where Vantage Point’s Technology is performing in market analysis and forecasting these future prices. And so, what that means is, specifically for the Spy, well, there are known markets that will drive and influence the future price of the Spy index. Well, that can be things like the S&P futures, things like the NASDAQ, but also extremely important markets like the dollar Index or potentially big individual stocks that share important relationships with the broader index.

And so it’s taking really dozens of markets into account, analyzing some of those leading lagging and competing relationships, and then using that data with the help of the artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks to predict future price. So, what you would call this is intermarket analysis. It’s able to get price clues from markets that are driving and influencing the target market to help predict where things are headed next.

And so, whenever we see that blue line cross above the black line, well, it’s suggesting that average prices are expected to start moving higher. And of course, we’ve seen a really nice rally out of the Spy and in the same way a lot of individual stocks. But what I wanted to spend time highlighting because we have such a short week here is just what’s happened over the past few days and how, regardless of the markets you’re trading, these adaptive tools do a really excellent job of helping Traders, whether you’re day trading, swing trading, adding or removing some from positions.

And so when we look at the Spy, what we can do is look back and see how have these predicted highs and lows that were provided, again, an additional sort of indicator from the software, how accurate are these when you’re trying to make some trade adjustments or make some trade decisions? And so, I wanted to take a look at this with things like the Spy, and you can see that all of these values you have the day ahead of time.

So even in a very sort of mild week like this, well, what is it forecasting? Well, here we have a Monday, here Tuesday coming in, and things are moving higher, right? You’re moving up to these predicted values. Even a short-term day trade there on the Spy is likely to be profitable.

Apple ($AAPL)

Here Apple ($AAPL) shares of Apple, a very similar situation where that Blue Line crossing above the black line. And this is probably a good opportunity to highlight this neural index at the bottom of the chart.

Now, in addition to that predicted forecast where the overall trend is headed with the Blue Line crossing above the black line, we’ve got our predicted high and predicted low values, which again we’ll take a look at in the most recent price action. But you have this bar you see at the bottom of the chart that goes from Green, and sometimes it will go to Red. And this is a highly accurate indicator. This is where upwards of 87% accuracy across a very wide number of markets and consistently so.

And it’s able to predict short-term strength over the next 48 hours. So, we can really combine this Suite of indicators and understand, okay, well, what is the overall trend? What is the predicted range for the day? And what should we expect over the next 48 hours of price action? Potentially, if there’s, you know, maybe some weakness coming, may want to be prepared for that.

Well, you see with Apple here, I mean, it really doesn’t get any more bullish here, right? The Blue Line crosses above the black line; the trend is up. Those subsequent 48-hour forecasts remain up every single day, giving the confidence to say, “Okay, well, let’s look towards those Vantage Point predicted highs and lows.” And so you see a very similar picture right as the market moves up here; we have this day where you come back to the previous predicted low, and you’re really off to the races.

Predicted low, predicted low, really close there, didn’t quite get hit. But here again, Tuesday, right? Moving down, identifying that price level where there’s some, you know, real value and an advantage. Here you see we got a low of a predicted low of 190.50; the market pushed down a little bit below 190 and then started moving higher up towards this next predicted high.


You see the next day as that trend remains bullish there. Mastercard ($MA), here’s MasterCard, very similar sorts of situations here, right? So again, back to that accuracy of the neural index; we have the trend up. You really only have one day where that neural index is bearish, and every single day forecasting strength, strength, strength, strength. So when you again look at the statistics there of how many days is it accurate at predicting that short-term strength, it’s consistently extremely high.

And again, we can take a look at things like Vantage Point predicted highs and lows. Now in this case, we see that, well, what happened Monday; we actually got down to that predicted low Monday, and you’re really off to the races throughout the week here. So a really nice bounce in shares of Mastercard. But you see that’s really an opportunity to potentially add to an existing position as you’ve recognized a lot of this strength coming into the market.

So, again, Traders can strategically add to positions, build a really nice sized position, make a lot of money as that trend resumes.


**Microsoft ($MSFT)**, Microsoft a perfect example of one of those really important markets to the Spy. Well, what have we seen here? Well, we actually got a crossover really early here, a lot of volatility and another one of these examples where if we look at that predicted high and low, let’s actually take a look at this, right?

So we gap up; there’s a huge amount of volatility; no price, you know, really trading through these price levels when you get that gap. But let’s see what is that predicted level, 132.49, and then the very next day, you come back in to the low, 132.69.4. I mean, you come right down into that level and then same thing off to the races, moving up to these predicted highs and just a lot of strength.

And then we see the same thing right, moving down to these predicted lows, you want to be a buyer with that expectation that the trend will resume, and things will pick up.


Here, Quest Diagnostics ($DGX), Diagnostics. So we keep looking at this, and again, I just wanted to bring it through highlighting that well, we’ve identified some strength in the market; we never got that Blue Line crossing below the black line.

And if you’re still doing some trading there, well, of course, bring in those predicted high and low values. And so again, you see that really late Friday last week; he got real close there. But then on Monday and moving up through the week and another opportunity to make some short-term gains and potentially a short-term trade even in a sort of mild week like we have here with the holiday right in the middle of Texas Roadhouse ($TXRH).

Texas Roadhouse ($TXRH)

Things, uh, here’s Texas Roadhouse again, similar opportunity, Blue Line crosses above the black line. You see we have this neural index getting bearish, and you get that sideways movement again; it occurs here. But you never see the Blue Line crossing below the black line. And that’s very important to let Traders know, “Hey, the trend is up; let’s go ahead and maybe look towards some of our shorter-term tools to help navigate this.”

And so again, you see predicted low coming back into these previous levels, and the Market’s just off to the races. I mean, within 48 hours, you’ve got this Market moving in your direction in a really decided way. And here again, you see the past five trading days here in Texas Roadhouse; if you’re still doing some trading here, get this big upswing in volatility after these predicted lows are hit. And then we have the same thing happen here, right?

Really nice levels for predicted lows to get filled and again, be off to the races as we see a lot of shares pick up and there is a lot of momentum currently in this market. So as we look back at some of these opportunities, I mean, just the past few days, we’ve certainly seen some shorter-term moves. But that’s a 177% rally over the past 26 trading days, right?

If we take this down to just the past few weeks, well, you get about a 2% move, similar to the Spy over the past week. But really, regardless of which opportunity that you’re looking at, whether you’ve been involved recently just over the past few days this week or you know identified a lot of these opportunities several weeks ago, which is really the point of identifying you know these crossovers coming through, identifying these shifts so that you can then come in and say, “Okay, let me come in with my game plan, understand that okay, I’ve got these predicted highs and lows, I’ve got this short-term forecast, and I can use these levels to manage really regardless whatever Market you want to trade, whether it’s an individual stock, whether it’s a commodity Market or whether it’s, you know, Futures market.

So, um, this again just offers some really nice, really predictive technology here to help you make those better trading decisions and really make sure that you’re involved, whether it be Apple or Microsoft or some of these stocks as we see shares do really well, and the equity market start to materially appreciate here. So, once again, this has been the hot stocks outlook for November 24th, 2023. Hope you’re having a great rest of your holiday, get some rest, and thanks again and bye for now.

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