11 Best Premium Sports Betting Picks Services Right Now

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Gambling used to be looked down on for a long time. Today, however, it’s part of our daily lives. It is now legalized and available online through apps and websites. Betting on sports has been around since ancient times, and as technology has advanced, online sports betting has taken over. Multiple betting companies offer their services to sports enthusiasts. While betting is easy, many factors should be considered before buying sports picks. You have to know solid online betting sites and the services they offer. The top premium sports betting picks services include:

11 Best Premium Sports Betting Picks Services Right Now

11 Best Premium Sports Betting Picks Services Right Now

  1. RT Picks

    RT Picks is a highly rated and popular premium sports betting picks service. With over 400 reviews, RT Picks provides daily parlays for all major league sports including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, Tennis and even E-Sports. Daily prop picks, education on strategies and techniques and even bankroll management so you learn how to become a long-term sports bettor. 

  2. Doc’s Sports

    As one of the best and longest-standing sports betting services, Doc’s Sports has proven to be a top sports betting service. It has been a trusted service provider in the industry since 1971 and still continues to offer free sports picks and betting content as well as premium sports picks. Bettors who use Doc’s Sports have access to handicapping advice and picks from experts who cover all major sporting events, popular leagues, and even collegiate sports, including NFL, WNBA, FVL, college basketball, etc. 

  3. Sports Capping

    Professional handicappers provide their daily picks and offerings on the betting service website that tries to guarantee bettors with profitable picks. This betting site allows bettors to buy expert picks for every game, or even specific games or specific days, in addition to free and premium sports picks that cover major professional and collegiate sports. Bettors who cannot turn a profit through their premium picks package have the opportunity to access the following day’s selections for free, ensuring they do not run at a loss from using the services on the website.

  4. Scoresandstats.com

    Starting as a sports betting news website, Scoresandstats.com has now become a premium handicapping service provider in the betting world. The website offers bettors three levels of services: access to consensus reports on major live games with crucial information to make profitable betting decisions. They cover significant leagues, college sports, and sporting events from the NBA to MLB, COPA, English Premier League, and others. Users can add expert handicapper picks and computer-generates sports picks, lines and odds, sports news, and betting picks. 

  5. Bet Firm

    Bettors looking for free and premium sports betting picks on the NFL, NHL, MLB, and college football can use the services Bet Firm provides. The website gives bettors access to sports betting articles with the latest sporting news, updated betting odds, and guides on sports betting systems to transform betting strategies into profitable bets. This service provider also allows bettors free access to selections for the next day if purchased packages do not profit. 

  6. Sportshub.com

    Bettors looking for a one-stop shop for tracking top sports handicappers, real-time showcasing, and transparent results on one platform need to look any further, thanks to Sportshub.com. The website is equipped with software that simplifies the tracking process of how the experts perform daily, weekly, monthly, or even overall. The sports picks are provided by experts specializing in various sporting events like soccer, tennis, basketball, MMA, and football, among many others. 

  7. Winner Odds

    Artificial intelligence, or AI, has taken the premium sports betting picks industry to the next level for bettors worldwide. Winner Odds is one of the best betting service providers that uses a unique algorithm to help bettors make profitable decisions. The AI value betting software used by the platform estimates the odds and probabilities of matches and their outcomes, publishing their results before regular bookmakers. The platform is equipped with various features and tools similar to the services provided by a professional punter while allowing you to bet on football, soccer, and tennis.

  8. BetAlytics

    Based on AI and machine learning, BetAlytics is designed to facilitate a profitable sports betting experience. The tools available on the platform provide bettors with game simulations, player projections, and betting line analyses covering the NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL and significant soccer leagues worldwide. They also have experts who provide their picks through VIP packages that include player props, team props, futures, complete game money lines, etc. With the help of predictive data, bettors can evaluate and determine data before making crucial betting decisions.

  9. Wager Talk

    Some of the best sports betting picks are available on Wager Talk. The website has a team of expert handicappers who offer guaranteed options on daily plays or packages on sporting events like boxing, college basketball, the Spanish La Liga, and many other major leagues. The website also provides bettors with the latest sports news, live odds, and educational content on sports betting to help new bettors learn about the industry. They have a range of packages, including free and paid-for picks across all kinds of sporting events. 

  10. Cover.bet

    Through premium packages on their betting website, Cover.bet gives bettors access to simulators, consensus, and handicapper picks that help them buy, sell, and track winning picks on a user-friendly platform. Bettors looking for free picks can access them through the website while accessing live odds, game previews, and analyses that all discuss betting trends and strategies to ensure a winning outcome. 

  11. Outlier.bet

    This sports betting app combines features and tools for browsing, analyzing, and accessing picks on major sportsbooks on a single platform, making mobile betting more accessible than ever. The app allows bettors to place their bets more efficiently while exploring various markets and game lines across different leagues and events to locate the perfect pick. It also provides betting guides that help bettors improve betting strategies through thorough research to establish profitable betting decisions. 


Whether you want sports betting picks or are a bettor who wants to learn how to bet and needs tips and strategies, these sports betting picks service providers can help you. As a sports bettor, you must remember that not all bets you place will be winning. However, with the help of premium sports betting picks, you can minimize the risks of making bad betting decisions by getting access to expert analysis and advice to help you make more informed decisions before placing bets. These betting websites can provide you with all kinds of picks and odds ranging from basketball betting picks to live betting odds, enabling you to have a profitable experience while you bet on sports.

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